Izuku boxing fanfiction

The next day, Izuku woke up prepared for anything that could be thrown at him. He did his morning routine as usual, exercising early before taking a shower, followed by breakfast.

This time he wrapped his hands with Momo's boxing tape due to seeing it right now as a sort of good luck charm. He activated the special feature again, enjoying the comforting feeling of the gloves around his hands.

He did a few test punches with the gloves, noticing that they were the same weight as his usual competitive gloves. He eactivating the gloves with a smile, unwrappinf his hands before placing them into his blazer pockets.

He put on his school bag, with the bag itself being just the smallest bit heavier as he added something new inside. It works but it doesn't feel like you in a sense.

You get what I mean? The outfits possessed trunks the same color and stule, as the boxer looked at Kaito in confusion. I don't see what I would use this extra for, but okay. Applicants prior to taking the exam had the option to turn in ideas for their hero costume, but Izuku didn't bother, opting to stick with a regular outfit and boxing shoes with no special features required. Well, aside from the gloves forming over his tape whenever necessary, of course.

He boarded the train to school and arrived ten minutes later, seeing his friends from the day before walking onto campus. The four chatted on their way to school, excited to see what the day had to offer. Izuku looked at her, thinking about his answer for a moment and responded. From there I remember a man approached me. He apparently 'saw my untapped potential as a boxer', and set up conditions: If I was to win a spar against him, which was extremely difficult since he was a former middleweight fighter, he would provide some funds for her treatment.

izuku boxing fanfiction

I accepted and won. The payout, and a thrill for the sport I developed before the fight, led to me going pro with him pulling a few strings. He helped me rise to the professional league, and trained me to become who I am today. I thought the youngest you could be to ender the professional league was eighteen. The league then decided to only pair me up with opponents they believed I would have a shot at beating, and eventually I just integrated into the system. Kaito Hansuke. I can't thank him enough for his work and his training.

To be honest, I don't know where I would be without him today. The students dispersed and took their seats, waiting for what the day was to bring. They waited for a minute, before hearing a familiar voice ring from outside the door. A moment later the door slid open, as All Might entered the room. The cape of his Silver Age costume flowed behind him, his trademark smile adorning his face as he finished his sentence. Put these on, and meet me outside.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! To say that Izuku had woken up on the wrong side of the bed was an understatement. In fact, Izuku was willing to physically fight anybody who summed it up that simply. No, Midoriya Izuku was in the shittiest of moods and you don't want to fuck with him when he's angry.

Also works off the headcannon that if All Might hadn't stepped in when he did and made Izuku a hero, then our sweet little Midoriya would've become a sadistic fucking villain.

See the end of the work for other works inspired by this one. Saying that Izuku had woken up on the wrong side of the bed was the understatement of the century. In fact, given the mood that Izuku was in, he was willing to fight anybody who just summed it up as that.

After returning from his long note: fucking very long walk to and from UA to have Recovery Girl restore the vision in his left eye, he had went to collapse into bed until Kaminari blew the electricity in the dorms again.

And who was the only ones who knew how to fix fried breakers? Yaoyorozu and Midoriya, of fucking course. And then what? By the time Midoriya got clean, got changed, and got back to bed it was 2 am and he only had 2 hours to sleep before he started his morning workouts. No matter what he did, how long he stared at the ceiling, or how many bargains he made with the universe—Midoriya Izuku could just not get his eyes to stay closed.

It was too hot, but then it was too damn cold! He had no clue where it was! So he silently let it drive him insane all goddamn night.

He somehow drifted off atonly to be woken up 15 minutes later. It only grew worse. First he had rolled out of bed and face planted into the floor, managing to break some of his favorite merchandise and his alarm clock. After chucking the wreckage into the bin, Izuku had spent 20 minutes searching for his weights before finding them rolled under his bed. He had been relying on his workout to release some of the pent up anger in his body, not wanting to be too nasty to his friends in class today—but with his injured foot and lack of sleep, his muscles were too shot to obey.

Izuku stalked downstairs, spotting some of his classmates cradling mugs of coffee.A Fifteen-year-old boy was seen jogging around the streets of Musutafu. He was wearing a grey tracksuit, the jacket wrapped around his waist.

Featured on him were the green boxing gloves tied to the jacket. The boy was Izuku Midoriya, rising star of Japan's Featherweight division. He was currently running as a form of endurance training for his next match, currently having run Four Kilometers prior. He slowed to a stop next to a water fountain, wiping the sweat from his brow before drinking some water.

He wiped his face with a last spray of water before jogging down to his local gym, known as the Hansuke Boxing Gym. The gym Izuku went to was one normally seen in things such as boxing movies.

The walls were lined with punching bags and boxing equipment, with a ring in the center for practice or spars between patrons. He entered, greeting a few regulars to the building before seeing a man by the name of Kaito Hansuke.

He was a rather tall man, once the former champion of the Middleweight Division. He had tan skin, glasses, and short blond hair, a scar across the bridge of his nose.

He wasn't as muscular as he used to be, but it had been roughly a decade since his last fight before retiring as the Middleweight Champion of Japan. If you need me, I'll be practicing punches. He walked over to a punching bag, where Kaito stood with a clipboard and a stopwatch. He then activated his Quirk, which would give him much faster eyesight and processing at the expense of becoming nearsighted after his boxing career ended. Kaito counted each and every punch thrown, even though anyone else who frequented the gym would see a blur attacking the bag.

Not bad, kid. I'll set up a match with the next fighter soon. He stood straight up and curled them in place as his trainer followed him. After about one hundred reps, he put down his weights and took a minute to breathe. After his quick break he made his way to a pull-up bar, using it as he responded. How are you going to balance your boxing career with trying to become a hero?! He took a drink from a water bottle, transitioning into leg work as soon as he put the bottle down.

Now, step in the ring. I wanna give you a little practice session to make sure you're good to go for the next fight. He climbed the ropes to enter the gym's boxing ring, his coach following a second after as he was currently putting on boxing mitts.

Kaito stuck up the mitt on his right hand, and Izuku punched it with his left. He held up the right, and Izuku punched it with a left cross.

Kaito held up both, and Izuku punched one after another, ducking suddenly when the mitt flew towards his head. The boxer would strike each and every lifted mitt with a different type of punch depending on the distance. If it was a little too far to one side he would throw a hook. Too close, a quick jab or cross would work well. If the mitt was pointing towards the ground, he would solve the issue by throwing an uppercut or a quick upwards blow.

After they finished, Izuku pulled the gloves off of his hands, placing them on the side of a bench as he chugged from a water bottle. His mentor retreated to his office to handle the gym's finances while the boy went back to the bag, another member of the gym holding the stopwatch for the boy to repeat his sequence of exercises again for a second set.

A moment later he heard the door open, to see a girl roughly his own age enter. She had a black ponytail, with a single long bang framing the right side of her face. Grey catlike eyes scanned the arena before finding the young boxer, intrigue now present in those same eyes.After about a week of training both at home and with Kaito, Izuku was being driven by his mentor to the Musutafu arena, where he would fight his next opponent.

Apparently the man's name was Tatsuo Takeshi, who had a Quirk named "Dragon Scales" that allowed him to adopt stone-like scales on his body, turning him into a tank of a boxer despite only being a featherweight. The two arrived at the arena minutes later, and entered the locker room for Izuku to prepare for his match.

I sprung the fight on 'ya outta nowhere. He placed an emerald robe with his name on the back over his outfit, as Kaito helped him put on a pair of light grey gloves. He then pulled out a pair of boxing mitts, doing a basic warmup before a member of the arena appeared to remind them that the match was about to start. Now, go get 'em.

He exited his side to see his opponent standing in the ring already. Tatsuo Takeshi was standing at Five foot Nine, with short black hair and a scar on his left cheek. The trunks that the man wore had a design akin to fire, and scales were forming from under his red gloves to his elbows.

The spotlights then shined on the boy, as he was announced to the crowd. Izuku walked to his side of the ring where Kaito was ready with a water bottle, a bucket, a towel, and the mouth guard he was currently putting in to protect the boy's teeth. The challenger then walked to the center of the ring where Tatsuo was now waiting, and the two got in their respective stances.

The referee stood next to the two and watched as Izuku stuck out a glove, the opponent tapping it as a sign of respect before signaling the start of the match. Izuku ducked under a left hook, responding by quickly landing a left hook of his own to the jaw and a right uppercut to the chin, pushing the man back slightly.

He didn't take much damage from it though, scales disappearing as fast as they had appeared to protect him against the attack. The opponent then threw a punch towards Izuku who swerved to the right, but was caught by a left hook to the jaw due to the man's feint. He blocked the followup right cross, and ducked under another left to deliver a blow to the gut.

Two jabs from the green-haired boy were blocked, and he tried to close in on him but was met with another hard jab to the face. He backed up again and dodged two more blows, shaking his head. I need to stop taking so many of them or else. Tatsuo threw a powerful right hook aiming for Izuku's cheek, but the attack was countered by Izuku swiftly delivering another uppercut to the chin before the punch could land. This time it left Tatsuo staggering, and Izuku aimed to land another punch to continue with his pressure, before quickly backing up.

He now noticed that the part he punched was reinforced with scales, spreading across his skin until he was now fully armored with a grin. Izuku dodged three jabs and a hook, looking for an opening in the armored body to hit. This'll be a tough one to break through, the scales are hard as stone! He saw an opening to jab at the opponent's face, but the opponent didn't flinch or even acknowledge that he had just been hit.

Tatsuo was about to release another hard right cross, but stopped upon hearing the bell. But you may have done more than you thought.

Izuku looked to see some scales being swept away, and saw his opponent missing a few where he landed his jab. He also saw a few falling out of his gloves, and the man was panting already, despite it only being the end of the first round.Izuku was taking in the information. I barely survived, he even gave me this scar on my neck," Senshi pointed to the right side of his neck. A," Midoriya said, "He's so strong that U.

A is willing to give him free access to their school. Senshi took out his cell phone. Pushing a few buttons, Senshi put the phone to his ear. After a few seconds of ringing, the ringing stopped. A few more seconds pass, "He wants to talk to you.

Midoriya did not understand Thai so he thought the voice was speaking gibberish. Your heroic works have attributed much to Thailand and you often work a lot with All Might. Your fighting style is a combination of both Muay Thai and Muay Boran.

You also started your own school that people say rivals U. A in terms of teaching," Midoriya started to hear laughing on the other end.

See you soon Midoriya" the phone went silent. A boy was walking on an empty path wearing his school uniform. He kicked some rocks on the ground, seeing how far he could make them go. He looked at his watch wanting to know the time. He ran like a speeding bullet and passed by some bystanders. Some people waved to him and he happily waved back, others yelled that he should watch where he was going.

After taking a few turns and nearly crashing into a few people, the boy arrived at his destination. A knife landed right next to his head, breaking his confidence. He's the champion," an older fighter said as he was kicking a sandbag.We get to find out what quirk you have today! Sadly, she knew it could not be avoided due to her son's devotion to the number one hero: All Might. I get to know my quirk today, I bet I'll be super strong like Kacchan!

I want to know if I can be like All Might!

izuku boxing fanfiction

Her husband sent her money once a month, but they did not have enough to treat a rare sickness. He has congenital insensitivity, which oddly enough works perfectly with his quirk. He can't tell when something is broken or not, and his quirk is what we have labeled Counter, he can take damage and turn it into power behind his blows.

Izuku, could you please come in here? He can absorb damage and keep the power for around ten minutes. He would be a hell of a hero however. I'd suggest getting him started in a martial art like boxing if I were you.

They allow quirks these days so that would be a great way for him to get stronger. As the two entered the gym, they seen a young man with black hair, green gloves, and shorts shadow boxing. My son Izuku wants to train to become a hero and I heard you can help him reach that goal. AN: I had this idea for a story a while back but finally had time to start it.

I'll try to update frequently for this story. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter! Leave a review and tell me how I can improve this story! Story Story Writer Forum Community. Izuku Midoria: a boy who strives to become a hero against all odds.

Can he become a hero with the help of his trainer and number one hero? Or will disease and a childhood bully stop his dreams? Chapter 1 "Come on Izuku! And what is his quirk? Midoria, would you like a demonstration of his quirk?

Izuku's body had a slight red aurora around it after receiving the punch. At the front of the gym "Mac's gym, huh. Are you ready Izuku? I'm gonna be just like All Might! Ready to become a hero? Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close WorkingImages always make it easier to clarify examples. Glad you liked it. Really awesome facbook advertising with marketing tips.

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